Why linen?

Bedding that cares about your child’s skin.

What our body is surrounded with when we sleep has enormous influence on the morning condition of our skin.

When your child suffers from atopic dermatitis, or has other skin irritations caused by allergies, it is of crucial importance to cuddle your child in natural bedding, which will relieve the irritations.

For that reason I have chosen LINEN for my atopic boy. I use linen myself and I recommend it to you and your child.

Linen is characterised by exceptional hygienic qualities. It is non-allergenic. It has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. It is antistatic.

What does it mean in practice?

Linen bedding is a perfect filter that protects skin from medium aggressive chemicals, bacteria and dust. It does not cause allergic reactions. It is not sensitizing. It does not cause irritations. It is useful in treatment of many allergic diseases and fantastic for people with atopic skin, because it soothes irritations and lesions. Resistant to fungi and bacteria, linen is not attacked by moths either, so a spare set of bedding may be peacefully stored in a closet.

Linen creates an optimal microclimate in the skin and fabric zone. It helps soften the skin and protects its natural pH balance.

Linen is hygienic. It has excellent hygroscopic properties, which simply means that it is fantastic in absorbing moisture. It may absorb up to 20% of its weight and still remain dry.

At night, children often sweat. Not necessarily because they are sick. Every child, after taking a bath, laying down and covering with a duvet may sweat more. Sweating and moist skin are not good for atopic skin or other, allergy driven skin irritations. Linen bedding dries your child’s sweaty skin, absorbs and evaporates moisture, and remains dry. In linen bedding children sweat 1.5 times less than in cotton bedding.

Linen is breathable and produces no electrostatic charges. It is characterised by high air permeability, which helps it keep the cold in summer. It also has excellent heat conduction properties. Thermal conductivity in case of linen is five times higher than in case of wool, which allows staying warm in winter.

Linen is famous for its spectacular durability and longevity. Linen bedding is twice as durable as cotton and it will serve you for years.

The more you wash linen bedding, the softer and shinier the fabric will be.

You can easily wash the bedding I make in 90 degrees. You can cook and sterilize it. Dry in a drying machine or in full sun. Iron at maximum temperature. The fabric used to make the bedding is durable and long lasting. With this bedding you will ensure absolutely clean and hygienic sleep for your child.

It contains no colorants or bleaches. Its fibres do not contain heavy metals or other additives hazardous for humans.

The duvet cover features linen straps used to close it. I do not use buttons, metal or plastic zippers in order not to additionally sensitise the child.

Nothing is better for irritated skin than natural linen bedding, which allows skin to breathe and regenerate in the best microclimate.

Please visit the store and see the bedding I can offer for your child.