We focus on nature

At LinenWell we focus on natural fabrics. Textiles that are 100% natural, without any artificial dyes and chlorine bleaches.

Nylon, viscose, acrylic, polyester or polycotton (mix of polyester and cotton fibres) are all artificial fibres that arise from chemical substances, or partly natural substances that are chemically processed.

The research shows that the most common chemical compounds present in textiles are aldehyde and formaldehyde.

Aldehyde is a carcinogenic substance the excess of which is particularly dangerous for children up to three years old. Formaldehyde, in turn, can cause allergic and neurological problems.

Bedding made of artificial textiles makes the skin not breathing properly which causes sweating during a sleep. Artificial bedding does not let air through and does not provide a proper micro-ventilation.

You can get a very precise print on artificial fibers. In the case of bedding, however, this is not an advantage. Colored prints can be dangerous for humans. Commonly used dyes do not always penetrate enough into the fabric fibres but only settle on their surface. There are 150 dyes, currently available on the market, which are manufactured from carcinogenic aromatic amines and almost 50 of them are considered contact allergens. Chemical substances that remain on the fabric can be release when in contact with the skin. They can cause a lot of annoying symptoms, such as redness or rash. Chemical compounds dissolve on the surface of the skin under the influence of heat, e.g. when we sweat while sleeping. They penetrate into the body and act destructively on the organs.

At LinenWell, we deliberately gave up colorful fabrics with prints. Our products have the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate. You can read more about it HERE.