Release stress in AD

Calming down emotions, releasing stress and relaxation are incredibly important in fighting AD.

Stress, both of permanent nature and low intensity, as well as that temporary, but very intense, cause production of excessive quantity of protein in neurons and activation of inflammatory cells within the skin.

Atopic skin does not like stress.

AD is classified as a psychosomatic disease, i.e. one, in which patient’s emotions and behaviours play an exceptionally important role – they either aggravate or reduce its symptoms. In a stressful situation, blood circulated faster and heats the skin. It causes redness, skin itching, and, sometimes, swelling. A child reacts to these changes with anger and irritation, which additionally intensifies difficulties with sleeping.

In AD good sleep and calming down emotions are very important.

Here you can read why good sleep is so important and what bedding is good for sleep.

It is important that you, as a mom, are relaxed yourself and know how to calm down your child’s emotions. Here I propose basic breathing exercises, which I do together with my child, especially before sleep. Nowadays we tend to underestimate the significance of deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Teach your child to breathe properly, which will quiet him or her down and pacify emotions.

Here you will find additional relaxing exercises, which are a fantastic way to spend time together.