Privacy policy

D.A.G. Justyna Cisek, with registered seat at ul. Karmelowa 3 in Borówiec, postal code 62-023, in Poland, hereinafter referred to as D.A.G., reserves a right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy applies to every client of D.A.G. and user of services and publications owned by D.A.G. Introduced changes, if any, do not have impact on the basic principle: D.A.G. does not sell or provide personal data or addresses of clients / users of its services to third parties. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, please do not visit services, do not subscribe to newsletters owned by D.A.G. and do not acquire products or services offered by D.A.G. By accepting the Privacy Policy you declare as follows:
- you express a consent for the processing of your personal data, provided voluntarily for marketing purposes, by D.A.G. Justyna Cisek, with registered seat at ul. Karmelowa 3, postal code 62-023, Borówiec, Poland, in conformity with the Act of 29.08.1997 on personal data protection (Dz. U. No 101, item 926) for marketing purposes. The consent also covers data processing in the future, provided the processing purposes remain unchanged.
- you express a consent to receive commercial information via means of electronic communication from D.A.G. Justyna Cisek, with registered seat at ul. Karmelowa 3 in Borówiec, postal code 62-023, Poland, to the telephone and address data you provide.
- you have been informed about the following:
- the controller of your personal data is D.A.G. Justyna Cisek, with registered seat at ul. Karmelowa 3, postal code 62-023, Poland,
- you have a right to access the contents of your personal data and a right to correct the same,
- the provision of personal data is voluntary, and, at the same time, necessary to use the service.
Personal data
While using the services owned by D.A.G. you may be asked to provide some personal data by filling in the form or otherwise. The data you will be asked to provide, in majority of the cases, comprise: your full name, e-mail address and, in the event that you request an invoice – also the name of the company, taxpayer ID number and company address. We only require data, which is indispensable to operate the service. Failure to provide required data will result in blocking the transaction in course of which data provision was required. Transaction data, including personal data, may be transferred to Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A with registered seat in Poznań, at ul. Św. Marcin 73/6, postal code: 61-808, National Court Register (KRS) number: 0000412357, operating under the name tpay.pl, or PayPal, within the scope necessary to process payment for the order.
Subscription to a charge free newsletter
Subscribing to electronic and charge free newsletters owned by D.A.G. requires stating your e-mail address in a relevant form and, in some cases, your first name. These lines are obligatory. E-mail address is necessary to send newsletters a given reader. The first name allows D.A.G. to address its readers by their first names.
Unannounced messages
D.A.G. reserves a right to send unannounced messages to persons whose contact details are available to it and who accepted the Privacy Policy. The term unannounced messages shall be understood by D.A.G. as information referring directly to its services, newsletters, services and products (e.g. changes, internal promotions), non-commercial letters (np. wishes, personal comments etc.).
Certain areas of services owned by D.A.G. may use cookies, i.e. small text files sent to the Internet user’s computer, identifying it in a manner necessary to simplify or cancel a given operation. Cookies are harmless both for the computer and for its user and its data. For cookies to work they need to be accepted by the browser and kept on the disk.