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Daily skin care from within.

A way to get Super Food for free. A source of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Fresh and your own – all year round.

I will be happy to give them to you as a present, absolutely free of charge.

Flax sprouts are my way to improve my child’s skin condition.

Flax seeds are one of the most popular natural medicines. Nutrition and proper functioning of intestines and the entire digestive system play an important role in fighting for healthy skin.

Flax sprouts activate movement of the intestines superbly. They protect the intestines and regulate peristaltic movements. They are beneficial for the entire digestive system. They reduce inflammations of the digestive tract. Since time immemorial they have been used to treat stomach and duodenum ulcerations.

They contain vitamins: E, K, B, F and C as well as minerals (such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium). They contain omega-6 and omega-3 acids, which are a vitamin for our stomach and intestines.

Unsaturated fatty acids influence the functioning of membranes and intercellular spaces, preventing water loss through the outer layers of the skin and maintaining optimum skin moisture level. 

Additionally, vitamin E helps to improve the lipid barrier of the epidermis, which makes skin more resistant to loss of moisture and maintain elasticity longer.

Sprouts may have as much as 40 times more precious nutrients than their “mature versions”.

Every seed contains a vast amount of nutrients, needed for a future plant to grow. If it does not grow, because we first consume it in form of sprouts, all these precious treasures will get into our body.

Growing sprouts works all year long and is fun. It requires spending a dozen or so seconds a day for only a few days.

All you need is a saucer or a small plate, the rest you will get from me as a present.

Growing flax sprouts is not different than growing cress. Soak the grains for several hours and then strain them and spread them on a wet lignin. I use the water from seed rinsing as a hair rinse. It perfectly nourishes dry scalp.

Place the plate with seeds in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight. In winter near a heater. Due to flax seeds’ oiliness I do not recommend sprouters. They did not work for me, as sprouts would rot quickly. An ordinary saucer definitely works better.

Remember to water it every day, and after several days the effect will be like this:

Healthy and fully organic food.

Not all flax seeds will do the job. You must have those intended especially for sprouts and, preferably, from an ecological cultivation. Only then will you have the certainty that you are getting a top quality and top purity product.

That is exactly what you can get from me as a present.

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