Face drying

Do not wipe atopic face skin.

Start drying it.

I always use a separate towel for face drying.

Your child’s face towel is meant to be for the face only and for the child only.

Ordinary towels often irritate already inflamed skin of your child. Despite producers’ assurances, they do not absorb water well and they require rubbing against the skin to dry it well.

A towel, particularly for atopic persons, must be delicate and absorb water so quickly that it is enough to touch the skin with it to dry your face.

This is how a natural towel made of 100% linen works.

It immediately absorbs water and evaporates it. What is more, it repels dirt and bacteria. On linen towels bacteria does not accumulate, not even in warm and humid bathrooms. You can easily keep such towel in a bathroom. You have probably been keeping towels outside of your bathroom to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Drying atopic face skin.

I press the upper part of the towel against my child’s forehead, delicately drying the forehead, the nose and the eye area.

Next I flip the towel “upside down” and dry the chicks, the mouth area, the chin and the neck, with the other part.

Delicate drying prevents causing additional irritations. Antibacterial linen eliminates a possibility of spreading bacteria all over the face.

In our online store you will soon find antibacterial face towels, which will help dry particularly sensitive face of your child.

I will definitely inform you about that here, at this site and on FB. And if you want to receive the information by email, please write to me at: LinenWell@linenwell.com and you will be the first to know.