Bedding that cares about your skin

The most unique natural linen bedding that:

  • relaxes the muscles and ensures restful and deeper sleep,
  • improves blood circulation and helps to relax,
  • helps soften the skin and protects its natural pH balance,
  • is breathable and produces no electrostatic charges, is antistatic,
  • is characterised by high air permeability, which helps it keep the cool in the summer.

But that is not everything!!

LinenWell bedding is non-allergenic and does not cause allergic reaction. It soothies irritations and lesions.

Linen has bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. It is a perfect filter that protects skin from medium aggressive chemicals, bacteria and dust.

It has excellent hygroscopic properties, which simply means that is fantastic in absorbing moisture. And it is characterised by exceptional hygenic qualities.

There is nothing better for a healthy sleep than LinenWell.