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Natural linen bedding which allows skin to breath.
o mnie linenwell

In my company we design and sew natural linen bedding, particularly recommended for children suffering from atopic dermatitis.

My name is Justyna Cisek. I help parents care about
healthy sleep of their children
suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Linen has antibacterial and antistatic properties. It does not cause allergic reactions. It is not sensitizing and does not cause irritations.
It repels dirt and bacteria and ensures optimal microclimate in the skin and fabric zone.

The bedding we sew of linen ensures hygienic sleep, soothes irritations and reduces skin itching.

Atopic skin can regenerate faster. The child wakes up at night much less frequently and sleeps better.
The stress hormone level in its organism reduces, which allows for the skin to “calms down”, and AD symptoms are less intense.

My son has atopic dermatitis. And when, despite using steroids and emollients, AD was not giving up, I started looking for additional, natural ways to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.
It was for my son that I found linen and sewed the first linen bedding. And many others during the next long months to come, until I created such bedding that fulfilled all our requirements. But if you love someone, you will spend another weekend doing work for them and with great determination you will keep trying to find a solution.

LinenWell bedding was made with love, by a mum for her little son.
Sewn from especially selected materials. Tested in combat.
I can see the results it brings every day.

That is why I decided to set up a company and sew the same bedding for other children, because I know that this is how I can help them in fighting that disease.

You can get a good sleep when you have atopic skin.

Have a look at the bedding I currently sew and select the most suitable bedding for your child.