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Calming down emotions in fighting AD
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My name is Justyna. I design and sew 100% natural bedding that cares about atopic skin of your child. About me

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  • Karolina Szwabowicz-Mosica
    A mother of three-year-old Igor, author of blog

    My attitude to linen products has always been rather sceptical. I have always been convinced that linen bedding creases terribly and is incredibly rough and unpleasant to touch ... Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! The bedding we ordered from LinenWell site proved to be an absolute contradiction of all my previous convictions. It is delicate, light, breathable, only creases a little, and, most importantly, it completely does not pick up static and does not pile !

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    What is more, it absorbs moisture really well. When our son wakes up at night from some nightmare, he is no longer sweaty as he used to – and also his bedding does not require changing. Cotton bedding that we used to buy already after two or three first washings looked more or less like my floor cloth. We would usually just throw it away and buy a new one, which, in a long term, was unfortunately not very cost efficient.

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    Luckily, with LinenWell bedding it is completely different – I can say with full confidence that it was one of our best choices and purchases in the last months. That bedding is simply ideal – especially for particularly sensitive and delicate skin of children.


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